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training boosts

Post  squal on Mon Mar 31, 2008 2:38 am

pure blood saiyan - training=1200-1400, fighting=1200-1500
normal saiyan - training=800-1200, fighting=900-1200, near death=1300-1500
low rank saiyan - training=600-900, fighting=800-1000, near death =1000-1450
legendary saiyan - training= 1500-2000, fighting=1800-2400, near death=2400-3000 + 100000 PL and Ki boost every week.
normal nameks - same as normal saiyans
ancient nameks - same as legendary saiyans but only 500000 boost every week
changlings - same as pure blood saiyan + 200000 boost every week
buu - same as legendary saiyans but only get 600000 boost every week
majin -training=1300-1600, fighting=1500-2000, near death=2000-2500

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